What is Bonded Fiber Matrix (BFM)

BSA stands for Bonded Fiber Matrix (BFM). Bonded Fiber Matrix is a type of hydromulch that is used in hydroseeding applications. It is a mixture of wood, paper, or other natural fibers, along with binding agents and additives, which are blended together to create a slurry or thick paste.

When hydroseeding with BFM, the mixture is sprayed onto the ground using specialized equipment. The slurry adheres to the soil surface, forming a bonded layer that helps with erosion control, seed germination, and vegetation establishment. The fibers in the matrix create a protective barrier that prevents soil erosion caused by wind, water, or other external factors. Additionally, the matrix helps to retain moisture, providing a favorable environment for seed germination and root growth.

The use of BFM in hydroseeding offers several benefits, including enhanced soil stability, reduced runoff, improved seed-to-soil contact, and increased seed germination rates. The matrix acts as a temporary erosion control measure until vegetation is established and the root systems can hold the soil in place.

BFM can be particularly beneficial in areas with steep slopes, disturbed soils, or areas prone to erosion, such as construction sites, roadside embankments, or areas affected by wildfires. It provides immediate erosion control while promoting the growth of vegetation, ultimately leading to a more stable and sustainable landscape.

It’s important to note that BFM products may vary in composition and performance, so it’s advisable to consult with hydroseeding professionals or suppliers to determine the most suitable BFM product for your specific project and site conditions.

At BV we are experts at the Hydroseeding or Hydromulch process of combining the correct blend of grass seed of your choice, paper or wood mulch, spraying the application on the ground surface in a uniform manner to create a mat or blanket effect. Fertilizers, tactifers etc. can be added if needed.After your blend of Hydromulch has been sprayed ,the seeds will start there germentation process. This  is relatively fast because the mulch helps hold the moisture and speed this process up. 

We specialize in landscaping, highway and slope stabilization, reclamation of disturbed lands, and erosion control on construction sites. It offers several advantages over traditional seeding methods, such as faster and more uniform germination, reduced erosion, and the ability to customize seed mixtures to specific soil and environmental conditions. You will typically have grass in 7-10 days.

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