Can you walk on new hydroseed?

Walking on new hydroseed should be avoided as much as possible during the initial establishment period. The hydroseeding process involves applying a mixture of grass seed, water, mulch, and other additives to the soil surface, creating an ideal environment for seed germination and growth. During this critical phase, the new grass seedlings are delicate and vulnerable.

Walking on newly hydroseeded areas can disrupt the seed-to-soil contact and compact the soil, which may hinder the growth of the young grass seedlings. Additionally, foot traffic can dislodge the mulch layer that helps retain moisture and protect the seeds from the elements.

To ensure the best chances of successful grass establishment, it’s advisable to avoid walking on the new hydroseed for at least the first few weeks. The exact duration of this period may vary depending on the grass seed variety and environmental conditions, but typically it’s best to wait until the grass has reached a mowing height before allowing any significant foot traffic.

If it’s necessary to access the hydroseeded area, try to do so with extreme care and only when absolutely required. Minimize foot traffic as much as possible, and avoid any heavy or repeated traffic over the area.

Instructing family members, visitors, or pets to stay off the new hydroseeded area will help protect the delicate seedlings and support the successful establishment of a healthy and vibrant lawn. Following these guidelines will contribute to a more robust and long-lasting lawn in your Texas landscape.

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