Will rain wash away hydroseed?

In the late spring to early fall in Texas, when hydroseeding is typically done, there is a possibility that heavy or prolonged rainfall could wash away the hydroseed. While hydroseeding is designed to be resilient and adhere to the soil surface, excessive rainfall can pose challenges for newly applied hydroseed.

If the rain occurs shortly after hydroseeding, before the seed has had a chance to establish and the protective mulch layer to set in, there is a higher risk of washout. The impact of heavy raindrops on the freshly hydroseeded area can dislodge the seeds and the mulch, causing them to be carried away by the runoff.

To mitigate the risk of rain washing away hydroseed, consider the following measures:

1. Timing: Monitor the weather forecast and try to schedule hydroseeding when a period of light and steady rain is anticipated, rather than heavy downpours.

2. Mulch and Tackifiers: Ensure that an adequate layer of mulch and tackifiers (adhesive agents) is applied during hydroseeding. These materials help stabilize the seeds and prevent them from washing away.

3. Straw Covering: In areas prone to heavy rainfall or erosion, using straw matting or erosion control blankets can provide extra protection to the hydroseeded area.

4. Temporary Barriers: Setting up temporary barriers, like silt fences or hay bales, can help redirect excessive runoff away from the hydroseeded area.

5. Slope Management: If hydroseeding on sloped terrain, consider contouring the land or installing terraces to slow down water flow and minimize erosion.

Despite these precautions, there is always a possibility of some seed displacement during heavy rainfall. If the hydroseed is washed away in certain spots, it might require reseeding or spot repair to ensure even coverage and successful grass establishment.

Working with a professional hydroseeding contractor who understands the local weather patterns and can implement appropriate erosion control measures can significantly reduce the risk of rain damage to your hydroseeded area.

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