Can you hydroseed over dead grass?

Hydroseeding over dead grass is generally not recommended. For hydroseeding to be successful, it requires proper seed-to-soil contact, which allows the seeds to germinate and establish healthy root systems. Dead grass can create a barrier that prevents the new seeds from reaching the soil and inhibits their ability to grow.

If there is dead grass on the lawn, it is essential to prepare the area properly before hydroseeding. Here are the recommended steps:

1. **Remove Dead Grass:** Thoroughly remove the dead grass by mowing it as close to the ground as possible, raking, or using a dethatching machine. This process ensures that the hydroseed can make direct contact with the soil.

2. **Prepare the Soil:** After removing the dead grass, it’s crucial to prepare the soil adequately. Loosen the topsoil with a rake or tiller to create a good seedbed. Ensure the soil is free from debris and compacted areas, as this will facilitate seed germination and root growth.

3. **Soil Testing and Amendment:** Consider conducting a soil test to determine if any amendments, such as lime or fertilizer, are needed to provide the optimal nutrient balance for the new grass.

4. **Hydroseeding Application:** Once the area is properly prepared, proceed with the hydroseeding process. Hydroseeding involves spraying a mixture of grass seed, water, mulch, and other additives onto the prepared soil surface.

By following these steps and ensuring that the dead grass is removed and the soil is adequately prepared, you can create an optimal environment for the hydroseed to germinate and establish a healthy new lawn.

Keep in mind that hydroseeding is best done during the late spring to early fall in Texas, as this aligns with the active growing season of warm-season grasses commonly used in the region. If you’re uncertain about the process or the condition of your lawn, consulting with a professional hydroseeding contractor can provide valuable guidance and increase the chances of successful grass establishment.

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