Care of newly hydroseeded grass

Care and Watering

Successful seed germination depends on several days of special care.  To assure proper germination, water regularly.  We suggest at least two times a day in warm/hot weather.  Keeping the yard moist will maximize seed germination.  You may walk on the hydroseeded surface when watering but try not to disturb the mulch mat. 

Maintaining high levels of moisture is the most effective way to ensure that the lawn comes in lush and green.  Mulch needs to be kept moist 24/7 until you have grass growth.  Length of time and frequency for watering depends on your irrigation method, how well your soil retains moisture and weather conditions. 

When the weather is hot and dry or windy during the day, the best practice is to water late in the evening and early in the morning allowing the hydroseed application to soak and absorb the water.  Depending on weather conditions you could be watering as much as every 6 hours or only once a day.  If you have water standing or pooling on top of the hydroseeded application, you are watering too much. 

For successful growth you need to keep the application moist not fully saturated.  By watering regularly and keeping your new seedlings from drying out, you ensure the beginnings of a lawn that will make your neighbors GREEN with envy.


This applies to grasses designed to be mowed .

Mowing can begin once the new lawn is more than 4” tall in most areas.  Mowing stimulates growth and increases thickness.  Set the mower high for the first year Leaving 4-6” of grass, then gradually lower.  Try to cut no more than 1/4 off the grass at a time.


We do not recommend fertilizing native seeds

About one month after seeding, fertilize your new lawn using a high nitrogen (the first of the 3 numbers on the bag) fertilizer.  We used a high phosphorus or “starter Fertilizer” when hydroseeding your lawn.  The phosphorus will stimulate root growth, and in the early stages it is important to get good root growth before you stimulate a vigorous top growth with nitrogen.

Continued Care

Talk to your landscape professional to see if he has a program for continued care of your lawn with regular treatments of fertilizer and treatments for weed and insect problems as needed.

NOTE: Do Not spray any weed killer Etc. Directly before or for 4 months after seeding

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