Preparing the ground for your Hydroseeding application

Best practice is to have Certified Weed Free Topsoil brought in.  Due to its organic matter, it’s fortified with nutrients and retains moisture which will enhance the success of your hydroseeding.  If bringing in topsoil isn’t an option for you, we recommend you prep your soil by tilling it up prior to the Hydroseeding application.  Hard packed soil is the most difficult soil type to get successful growth.  Fine tilled and clump free soil will be better conditions for your Hydroseeded application to produce successful results.  For larger projects we offer fine grading using a Skid Steer, Soil Conditioner and Power Rake.

We offer a wide variety of grass seeds options.  

  • Native Grasses
  • Turf grasses
  • Full sun 
  • Seeds for poor soil conditions
  • Permanent Seed
  • Temporary Seed

Please note that seeds are subject to availability. 

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