Grass Selections
    Lawn or Sport Field Turf Grasses
Sahara Turf Bermuda
    Sahara Bermuda
Bermuda Triangle
    Bermuda Triangle
Panama Bermuda
    Panama Bermuda
Black Jack Bermuda
    Black Jack Bermuda
    Zoysia Grass
Buffalo Grass (Low maintenance and most drought resistant)
    Buffalo Grass
Shade Tolerant Grasses
    5 Star Turf Fescue
5 Star Fescue(Shade Tolorant)
    Kentucky 31 Fescue
Shade Tolerant
    Centipede Grass
    Native Grass Blends
Deluxe Prairie Blend (25% Sideoats, 5% Switchgrass, 20% Big Bluestem, 5% Indiangrass, 15% Little Bluestem, 10% Sand Lovegrass, and 20% Green Sprangletop)
    collage-2015-05-12 (2)
Hill Country Blend (30% Sideoats, 10% Little Bluestem, 5% Blue Grama, 15% Green Sprangletop, 20% Buffalograss, 20% Bristlegrass)
    collage-2015-05-12 (2)
Native Turf Blend (33% Blue Grama, 67% Buffalo Grass)
    collage-2015-05-12 (2)
Forage High Yield Grasses for Grazing
    Texas Tough (33% Giant Bermuda (Hulled), 33% Majestic (Un-Hulled), 33% Common Bermuda (Hulled))
TX Tough
    Rancho Frio Bermuda (Mohawk, Giant, and Cheyenne Bermudas)
    Bunch Grasses
Little Blue Stem
    Little Blue Stem
Grass Comparison